Built, above all, to provide the highest levels of safety and ease of operation, Hyva Skiploaders are also renowned for their strength, durability and long term reliability. We offer a platform designed to meet the needs of every market sector, and there’s a wide range of options to ensure you get a solution that’s precisely tailored to your needs.


Hyva skiploaders are designed to get any job done, with a range of fixed lifting arms, telescopic arms and knuckle arms.

Telescopic arms can be extended simultaneously or independently for maximum operational flexibility.


Highly resistant steel platform is provided with two wearing strips in longitudinal direction. Transportation of pallets, loading platforms or flat racks up to 6 metres in length is possible with Hyva skiploader systems.


Hyva Lift skiploaders are manufactured to the highest quality standards. All functions are operated from the side of the system, at the valve block. Stab jacks are standard, for safe lifting and tipping of containers.

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