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Based on our extensive relationship with the drilling industry it became a natural extensions to our business to include high pressure portable diesel air compressors to our line of products.
• Our products range from 7 to 35 Bar and 300 to 1500 CFM.
We are agents for Tewatt and Doosan.

Tewatt Africa is the sole importers and distributor of Tewatt Air compressors and Tewatt products in sub-Sahara Africa.

We pride ourselves with a wide range of Tewatt products, including a range of Tewatt compressors and light plants.

We keep all the consumable parts like Diesel filters, oil filters, air filters, air end filters, separator filters and Tewatt oil in stock.

We stock all major parts like replacement air end’s, engines, valves, controllers etc…

Tewatt Africa has got full technical backup from Tewatt headquarters for all of the products That we stock.


Drill Rigs

Whether it is hitting water when drilling a borehole or handing over the key of a newly manufactured drill rig, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a smiling customer.


ARD Hydraulics specialize in sales, installations and repairs of hydraulic equipment. - Hoses - Fittings - Valve Banks - Cylinders - Power Packs - Cranes and PTO installations on trucks - Motors - Pumps - Gearboxes - Oil


World-class air compressors, low pressure blowers, nitrogen and oxygen generators, air dryers, filters, air receivers, piping and other energy efficient compressed air products.


Whether it is in the manufacturing of drill rigs or drilling of normal or specialized boreholes, we at ARD take pride in customer satisfaction, where you the client is important to us.


Hyva is one of the world's leading providers of innovative and highly efficient transport solutions for the commercial vehicle and environmental service industries.