Tewatt TWT1100D-25T

Mobile air compressors are easy to use, easy to operate, and easy to carry, so they are often used for outdoor projects such as road repairs, railroad tracks, mining, rock drilling, and quarrying.

TEWATT 1100D-25T

Product Description

TEWATT 1100CFM/25BAR stationary Yuchai engine driven screw air compressors use big rotor TEWATT two stage air-ends with world’s latest line design. Yuchai engine provide the strong power with TEWATT air compressor for drilling users. TEWATT Screw air-end matched with Yuchai engine can reach the perfect working performance. Compressor. These high pressure series are specialized and suitable in water well drilling, Geothermal air drilling, Oil & Gas exploration, etc.



  • 1.Tewatt Screw Air-end with stable pressure, enough free air delivery and long lifetime.
  • 2.Low maintenance and repair cost YUCHAI engine with strong power, fuel saved.
  • 3.Tewatt Intelligent Controller with clear operation manual, cover more multiple fault prompts.
  • 4.Divided air filter for engine and air-end in order to better filter impurities in the air.
  • 5.Safe and stable air intake system
  • 6. Tewatt Screw Air-end with high efficiency and energy saved function (5 years /10000 hours’ warranty)
  • 7. optional GPS/GPRS remote control & monitoring with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) full running system.


1100CFM/25BAR Stationary Yuchai Engine Driven Air Compressors

Technical Specifications:

Model  TWT1100D-25F
Compressor Stage Two Stage
Free Air Delivery (CFM/ M3/min) 1100/32
Working Pressure (psig/bar) 362.5/25
Screw Oil Volume-(L) 120
Diesel Engine
Engine Model  YUCHAI  YC6MK400 – H300 (Same engine is used in Powerstar trucks)
Rated Power (HP/KW) 400/295
Rated Speed/Idle (rpm) 1900/1300
Cylinders 6
Bore (mm) 129
Stroke (mm) 155
Displacement (L) 12
Emission Class TIER 2
Battery Voltage (V) 24
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 800
Connector Size*Qty G3/4″ *1, G 2″* 1
Weight (Kgs) 6000
Dimension (mm) 3900 x 2200 x 2100
Noise {dB(A)} 85±3
Working Temp. (℃) -15℃~50℃

Note: Specifications are subject to change without further notice.